Teaching areas:

Postcolonial and global Anglophone literature, twenty- and twenty-first century American literature, poetry and poetics, and digital humanities.

Instructor of Record:

  • Freshman Seminar: “Writing Human Rights” (Spring 2018)

This course asks how literature  has framed our discussion of contemporary human rights. Examining non-fiction creative writing from the US, Italy, and South Africa, we will consider how literary expressions of human sympathy influence our ideas about politics and rights today. What stories do we hear? And whose voices? These questions will guide our reading of both literary texts and news stories, questioning our ideas about language, law, and humanity through them. Students will work and write across media, engaging digital and traditional forms of writing to hone their expressive and analytic skills.

  • Intro to Expository Writing: “Traveling English” (Winter 2017, Spring 2017)

To whom does English belong? Whose voices do we hear, when we read in English?  By questioning our notions of “standard English” and “proper usage,” this course works to uncover the ways language operates within and against oppressive cultural and socioeconomic structures – and how individual authors have worked to reclaim the language in their own voices. Engaging authors writing in English from across the globe, students come to see the relationship between voice, identity and the politics of the word as ever-evolving and complicating.

Teaching Assistant:

  • “Introduction to Fiction” (Winter 2015)
  • “American Literary Traditions I” (Fall 2014)

Tutoring & Mentorship:

  • Graduate Writing Tutor, the Graduate Writing Place, Northwestern U. (2017-2019)
  • Writing Tutor, the Writing Center, Haverford College. (2010-2013)